Media Room / The 5 ''must-haves''


Today, the modern media room is redefining comfort and technology to a whole new level. Forget the big TV screen and the too plush sofa with cup holders.

Let's call on your senses.

Here are five pillars to design your own media room:



Some of us dream of a big screen, without really being aware of the size of the room: depth, length and height. 

You want the screen to be the focal point, without dominating the entire space, especially if you plan to make it a versatile piece.

Warmth and Elegance


Take the time to find a sofa and armchairs that match your needs when the screen is off and you are looking for comfort. Avoid leather or vinyl chairs that are slippery and sticky.  Choose warmer fabrics that will help you relax and add ambiance.  Choose soft ottomans on which you will rest your feet.  If the floors are  hardwood, complete with a carpet that tickles your toes gently and  help soundproof the room. 



Evaluate the size of your room and the number of guests with whom you want to share your media room. 

Allow enough seating without overloading the room.



A media room can not exist without brightness control. Choose blinds that run from top to bottom or bottom to top, to prevent outside light from dazzling your screen.   As for artificial light, opt for recessed and auxiliary lights, with, of course, dimmers.

Media Room


A media room is not just a room where you can watch movies or television in style.  It's a room where family members can also read, play video games, listen to music, surf the net or just indulge in their favorite hobbies.

Think about ways to maximize the use of the room to plan for each other's needs.